CICO OEM Meat Dry Aging Refrigerator Upright Glass Door Curing Cabinet DA-280A

CICO OEM Upright Glass Door Dry Aging Meat Curing Cabinet DA-280A

Why is it called dry aging?
As long as the meat hangs in the air during dry aging, escaping liquid can evaporate. The meat matures dry. With wet aging, the meat is matured in a vacuum bag ready for consumption. The liquid cannot escape, the meat matures in its own juice.


With the DA-280A you buy a professional dry-aging refrigerator, that looks just as good as it works. Outdoor timeless modern design – inside high-precision, sophisticated technology.

The perfect partner for Dry-Aging: This maturing fridge is made for use by restaurants, artisan meat suppliers and the enthusiastic home “foodie” – always remember: No Dry-Aging fridge worldwide works like a DRY AGER?

And there can be only one refrigerator: our “Dry Ager”. For home, forever, for you!
The Dry Ager is the only possibility to make our meat even better.
Top! So goes Quality.

 Item Number  Dry aging machine DA-280A
 Dry Ager Capacity  280L
 Cooling System  Compressor
 Unit Size  595*600*1225mm
 Packing Size  660*660*1260mm
 Temperature Range  5-22 degree
 Humidity Range  60-85%
 Net Weight  70kgs
 Refrigerant  R600a
 Dry Ager Function  Make beef, salami or sth like that

CICO OEM Meat Dry Aging Refrigerator Upright Glass Door Curing Cabinet DA-280A

Advantages of Dry Aged Beef
Dry aging not only produces unmistakable aromas of nut and butter, it also improves the consistency. During aging the meat becomes mellow, what means that the fibres become softer and the steak tender. In addition, the colour myoglobin is formed, which turns the meat into an attractive dark red. Up to 30% of the weight is lost due to the release of moisture evaporation and the outer crust is cut off. This makes the Dry Aged Meat among to other things so expensive.


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CICO OEM Meat Dry Aging Refrigerator Upright Glass Door Curing Cabinet DA-280A


Meat Dry Aging Refrigerator

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