Tall Built In Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator Touch Panel Control

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CICO 78L/32 Bottles Black Color Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator Free-Standing Installation

CICO JC-78CS semiconductor electric wine cabinet: It uses the semiconductor material to produce the Pelzen effect, that is, the P-type semiconductor and the N-type semiconductor are used to make the galvanic couple. When the direct current is turned on, the exothermic and endothermic phenomena are generated at the node. Thereby achieving the purpose of refrigeration. Compared with mechanical refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no noise, no vibration, no wear, long life, convenient cooling rate adjustment and no pollution.



Full Glass with Touch panel

Black recessed Door

Themoelectric Cooling

Touch Panel Temp.Control

Blue LED Interior Lightt

No Vibration

No Vibration



Product Name

 78L/32 Bottles Free-Standing Installation Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

Relative humidity


Noise Level(dB)




No.of Rack

7pcs wire shelves or wooden sheleves (optional)

Unite Size (W*H*D)


Packing (W*H*D)




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The best environment for preserving wine is constant temperature, constant humidity, light and shock absorption, ventilation, and no odor. The wine should be placed on a stable wine rack, so that the cork is in full contact with the wine to maintain the wetness and tightness of the cork.


Protect from light and UV
Ultraviolet light also has a great influence on the aging of wine. If exposed to strong sunlight for 6 months, it can cause deterioration of the wine. The professional wine cabinet has an anti-UV glass door, which can effectively prevent the light from invading the wine.







Tall Built In Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator Touch Panel Control




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Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

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