Environmental Mini Worktop Fridge / Thermoelectric Wine Fridge Low Noise


CICO Environmental Protection Mini Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator 42L Low Noise


Product Description


Thermoelectric refrigerators, also known as electronic refrigerators. It is a completely different product from the ordinary refrigerator in the principle of refrigeration. It uses a 40mm square and 4mm thick semiconductor chip to achieve cooling through high-efficiency annular double-layer heat pipe heat dissipation and conduction technology and automatic variable pressure and variable current control technology. It is the world's smallest "compressor". Since the semiconductor refrigerator is an electronic physical refrigeration, it does not need refrigeration working fluids and mechanical moving parts at all, thus completely solving the application problems that cannot be solved by mechanical refrigeration refrigerators such as medium pollution and mechanical vibration, and is more remarkable in small-capacity low-temperature refrigerators. Energy saving characteristics.



1. Simple structure, few components, easy maintenance

2. No mechanical transmission parts, no wear, no noise, long life

3. No need for refrigerant cooling, absolutely environmentally friendly

4, high efficiency, low power consumption




product name CICO  Environmental Protection Mini Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator
Model No CICO BC-42A
Capacity 42L
Cooling temp. 6.5-15'C
Color Black or White
Unit size(mm) 420x508x425mm
Packing size(mm) 460x550x470mm
Voltage AC110V or AC220V
Power Input 50W
Net Weight (Kgs) 10.3
Gross Weight (Kgs) 12.3


Detailed Images

The power saving method of the mini refrigerator in use is as follows:

1, do not store hot items and uncovered and packaged wet food, which can reduce the consumption of cold and prevent frosting too fast.

2. There must be a certain gap between the food stored in the box to facilitate the convection of the cold air to make the temperature inside the box uniform. Generally speaking, small packages save power compared to large packages.

3. When making ice cubes or storing large quantities of cold beverages, they should be placed cool to room temperature and placed in the refrigerator at night. Because the room temperature drops at night and the door is not opened, the load on the unit is relatively reduced, achieving the purpose of saving electricity.

4. The temperature of the refrigerator should be adjusted according to the needs of storing food. Do not blindly adjust it too low, and adjust it to a higher temperature range. This can significantly reduce the power consumption.

5. When a power outage suddenly occurs, do not open the door to take food as much as possible to reduce the loss of cold.

6. When there is not much food stored in the freezer compartment of the single-door refrigerator, cold water can be placed in the freezer compartment with an ice box or an aluminum lunch box to make it freeze, which will save energy compared to the freezer compartment.


Environmental Mini Worktop Fridge / Thermoelectric Wine Fridge Low Noise






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