Electric Red Nostalgia Electrics Retro Refrigerator Low Consumption


Product Description

CICO 93L Retro Style Looking Mini Refrigerator Energy Saving Save Electricity Low Consumption

CICO refrigerator retro concept in the integration of the shaping curve obtained the full display on modelling, whether it is the junction of side and end face, or the corner of each side itself, a large number of application of the arc design, make the whole refrigerator look more rounded;Add the fuselage panel with bright color and luster, can blend into the home life system very well, make people think more is a work of art.


Main Feature:

- Mechanical temperature control
- Compressor fridge
- Power: arround 70W
- 3pcs glass rack
- Consumption: arround 0.83 (kW·h/24h)
- Flat back & Adjustable feet
- Material: metal cabinet + ABS door
- 100% HFC free & FCKW free

- Environment-Friendly Technology


Detailed Images


Product Name Retro Style Mini Fridge
Net capacity (Liter) 93L
Color Normally is in Black, also accept OEM color for 1000pcs order
Material metal cabinet + ABS door
Refrigerant R600a
Rated Voltage/Frequency 220V-240V/50Hz



The interior of the refrigerator is not a matte material. The high-transparent plastic case allows the light of the bulb to be spread out to the maximum extent. The interior lighting of the refrigerator is good.
The refrigerator has 7-speed temperature adjustment, the digital small temperature is high, and the digital temperature is low.



Power saving tips:
When placing the refrigerator, it is generally necessary to reserve 5 to 10 cm of space on both sides of the refrigerator, 10 cm above and 10 cm on the back side. This can help the refrigerator to dissipate heat, and when placing the refrigerator, be careful not to follow the sound. Televisions, microwave ovens, and other appliances are put together, and the heat generated by these appliances increases the power consumption of the refrigerator.
Do not place the contents of the freezer in the refrigerator too tightly, leaving a gap for the cold circulation, so that the food is cooled faster, reducing the number of times the compressor is operated, and saving energy.
When putting fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, be sure to spread it out. If the fruits are stacked together, it will cause external heat and heat consumption. At the same time, it will accelerate the decay rate of the food. For those foods with larger heads, they can be packaged separately according to the amount of food consumed by the family. Only one amount of food should be taken at a time, instead of taking a large piece of food out of the refrigerator, and then putting it back in the end, because it is repeated. Freezing wastes electricity and can easily damage food.

Electric Red Nostalgia Electrics Retro Refrigerator Low Consumption Electric Red Nostalgia Electrics Retro Refrigerator Low Consumption



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Electric Red Nostalgia Electrics Retro Refrigerator Low Consumption

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Electric Red Nostalgia Electrics Retro Refrigerator Low Consumption



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